Shardana Collection

Iside, Tanit & Horu

Sardinia is a land that exerts an irresistible attraction for all those who have the privilege of know it, showing off an enchanting charm thanks to its mysterious air. It is a region with a complex history, uses, customs and rituals refer to distant times that give shape to a poem made of words, images, aromas and sounds overwhelming. We try to shape this culture by creating something unique, two worlds apparently distant, in which we try to approach them proposing solutions characterized by a particular singularity.

Shardana Collection intertwine Design and ancient Traditions as warp and weft. The wood is conceived as a fabric on which the ancient art of embroidery expresses itself becoming the sole protagonist. This collection revisits the Sardinian furniture, the carved chest, reproposing modern objects with an essential design. The design of the handle it consists in the search for a simple form but elegant, which does not need anyone else superfluous element that does not divert attention from the work of decorum. They are furniture absolutely customizable through embroidery so you can create unique pieces with high simplicity.

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